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Non-SBA Loans & Private Investor Business Purchase Financing

Non-SBA Loans & Private Investor Business Purchase Financing

BizBuyFinancing works with most of the recognized lending institutions in the business purchase financing marketplace. But our experience also extends to providing service for borrowers who can best meet their goals by tapping sources for hard money loans & private investors.

Due to the wide range of financing needs among business buyers and owner/sellers, BizBuyFinancing employs a variety of funding strategies. Each one is properly matched with the money requirements of a transaction and the particular circumstances of the borrowers. Unlike most sectors of the lending industry that use a one-size-fits-all funding approach, we have access to hard money lending capital from non-traditional lending institutions and private investors. By providing non-conforming hard money and bridge loans, we're able to help entrepreneurs with special funding needs.

Business buyers who want to be "the first with the cash" to take advantage of a particular business for sale in a hot bidding environment rely on BizBuyFinancing to leverage real estate equity into quickly-obtained funds. That solution allows clients to successfully complete deals while competing buyers still are seeking their funds. Investors looking to buy into booming parts of the economy--manufacturing or distribution companies for fast-growth product categories, for example-- come to BizBuyFinancing for solutions when they are otherwise unable to qualify for conventional loans. Programs that focus on financing using available client equity, rather than traditional loan qualification procedures have enabled clients to successfully achieve their business acquisition goals.

Entrepreneurs seeking commercial hard money loans, but cautious about being exploited by predatory lenders, frequently call on BizBuyFinancing. They know that our experience with a variety of lending sources means we provide exactly what is needed: competitive rates, programs with realistic fees, and lending agreements with no unpleasant surprises.

BizBuyFinancing's two-step service is also beneficial for business buyers facing time pressures or other difficult issues when trying to fund a business purchase. This is true whether you are seeking business purchase financing from SBA-backed lenders or commercial money sources.

By using BizBuyFinancing the Professional Prequalification system as a first step, we make sure that borrowers who require hard money lending are ready to be presented to potential lenders in a way that results in the needed financial support. It's not uncommon for a BizBuyFinancing client who plans on using "hard" money for an acquisition to have a private investor or investor group ready to write the check when the entrepreneur finds the right deal. This approach greatly increases the chances of success for a business purchaser, rather than trying to figure out where the money will come from to take advantage of the opportunity.

By using BizBuyFinancing the Professional Prequalification system as a first step, we make sure that borrowers who require hard money lending are ready to be presented to potential lenders in a way that results in the needed financial support.For business buyers in need of a hard money deal, as for those pursuing traditional borrowing strategies, completing BizBuyFinancing's professional prequalification is at least half the battle when the goal is to find and successfully purchase a promising business opportunity.

The second step in the process is calling on our network of reputable investors and investor groups to affect a good, hard money match with our client. Lining up the appropriate lender/financial institution can be completed quickly and efficiently once the buyer and his needs are thoroughly evaluated and correctly packaged.

The business purchaser's work history is vital when seeking private investor funds. It is a key factor in creating a funding arrangement that satisfies all parties. Investors want to know the borrower has the experience and know-how to identify a solid opportunity and the ability to maximize its potential. That translates to a business that will generate the funds needed to service the debt. In return, the entrepreneur wants to be certain that investors are ready to respond quickly when a deal is presented for funding.

The credit history of the buyer/borrower is critical in determining his ability to get the money needed.Departing from some of the standard qualification criteria used by institutional investors, a private funding group is still interested in the borrower candidate's record of handling credit responsibly and meeting agreements. This is particularly important in the case of a buyer attempting to take over a company that has a substantial customer base and reliable cash flow, but little in the way of assets to be offered for security.

Hard money lenders look to the borrower for sufficient collateral when reviewing a deal. Private investors don't want to take possession of the inventory or equipment of the business in the event the borrower falls behind in payments. Nor do they want his home. But they do need to be assured the borrower is motivated to make the payments and that they have recourse to try recovering their money if necessary.

Deal Structure is also of prime importance in an application for hard money funding. Investors want to know if other lenders are involved. They want to verify that they are in a prime position to claim the collateral in the event of default. In addition, they want to be assured that the deal will not close without proper transfer of the leases and permits needed to operate the enterprise. Is there an earn-out agreement between buyer and seller? Is the seller bound by a covenant not to compete? These and similar characteristics of the transaction need to be reviewed with financial entities offering hard money loans for challenging deals.   
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- Abdul M., Buyer

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- W. Burton, Buyer

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- Greg Randall, Buyer

"First let me let you know it was a positive feeling of knowing you were in my corner looking out for my interests in the 3 deals we looked at getting ..."
- S. Mehra, Buyer

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- B&K Boyde, Buyers

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- G. Duffy, Seller

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- Yun T.

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- M. Petersen, Seller

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- K. Schmidt, Buyer

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