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Our Services: More About BizBuyFinancing

Our Services: More About BizBuyFinancing

For more than 20 years, BizBuyFinancing has made it possible for thousands of business buyers involved in buying a small or mid-market business to obtain financing they've needed to successfully complete their transactions. Led by Peter Siegel, MBA, who developed the company's signature "Professional Pre-qualification" service, BizBuyFinancing proudly, stands alongside legal and accounting firms as a team of professionals that business buyers, owner/sellers and business brokers rely upon to achieve business purchase financing assistance.

BizBuyFinancing brings to its clients the knowledge of the financial industry, as it pertains to the business sales market. It has formed relationships with many of the key executives who make funding decisions. As a result, BizBuyFinancing has considerable experience in successfully navigating an ever-changing landscape of lender portfolios, standards, underwriting criteria and capabilities. This gives the company access to a wide range of financial products, often available to the company at wholesale rates. These rates are then passed along to its clients.

And unlike most providers of loan brokerage services, BizBuyFinancing is an exclusive representative of its clients. They make sure each has an advocate on his or her side. There is never a question of preferential service, competing loyalties or conflicts of interest.

BizBuyFinancing Facts

Types: The range of financing tools involved in business acquisition financing includes:

SBA, Non-SBA Financing, Private Financing - We Work With Over 400 Financial Institutions & Lenders Nationwide

  • Commercial loans, Non-SBA financing, Bridge loans
  • Funding for partner or management buyouts
  • Convertible retirement fund financing alternatives
  • Hard money loans for challenging transactions
  • Seller carry-back notes offered to private investors
  • Bridge / Gap Financing
  • Private Investors & Hard Monney
  • Retirement Fund Conversions

    From $10,000 to $6,000,000 strictly for business purchases (business only, businesses with real estate, franchise resales, new franchises, professional practices).

    Purpose: Financing assistance with the purchase of small and mid-market businesses throughout the USA.

    Representation Model: Solely and exclusively working for a single client or client group involved in a business purchase or sales transaction.

    Clients: Purchasers seeking to fund business acquisitions, sellers seeking to prequalify their businesses in advance of a sale, business intermediaries seeking financing needed to complete a deal.

    Two Step Process: Involving the our proven signature Professional Prequalification Business Purchase Financing program. Good for multiple loan applications if required and the BizBuyFinancing suite of loan/financing sourcing services. This includes business analysis, packaging, presentation and loan application management and referrals.

    Year Established: 1990.

    Principal: Peter Siegel, MBA.

    Staff: Team of professional support people handling research, administrative and related functions, enabling Peter Siegel to focus directly on achieving results for our clients (business buyers, business owner/sellers, business brokers, agents, & advisors).

  • What Is Different And Difficult About Getting Business Purchase Financing Today?

    Substantial changes in the finance sector of the U.S. economy over the past few years, particularly as a consequence of the banking crisis that began in 2006, has dramatically altered the marketplace where entrepreneurs seek funding to purchase and to help sell small and mid-sized businesses. Whether the enterprise of interest is a fast food franchise, a long-established manufacturing company or any of the thousands of business categories in between, the process of getting the funds needed to complete a deal has been irreversibly altered. For many individuals trying to buy or to sell a business, the funding part of the equation is as difficult as the first part: matching a purchaser with a business and negotiating a transaction.

    Reluctance of lenders to continue participating in their markets, following a record level of borrower defaults, has impacted not only the home mortgage industry and investment banks, but even small business acquisition financing. In response, the SBA has grown in importance as a factor when buyers are seeking anywhere from $ to a few million to make a purchase possible.

    With a greater role for the SBA in this market, the challenges of compliance with the agency's borrowing requirements include the fears that a business purchaser's loan request will be "strangled with red tape."

    The growth of private lending enterprises to fill some of the gap left by financial institutions has offered some solutions for those seeking funds to purchase a company, or for sellers who wish to convert a carry-back note to cash. But not all private investment interests are reputable lenders. Too many entrepreneurs are being victimized by predatory lending practices.

    More creative deal structuring and funding strategies are being employed to accomplish business purchases. But more frequent instances of seller financing and expanded use of retirement funds as down payments on business deals have proved expensive and troublesome if these tactics are not executed correctly.

    Addressing these challenges is the professional mission of BizBuyFinancing. We help business buyers and sellers successfully navigate among the challenges presented by the evolving business purchase funding marketplace.

    BizBuyFinancing fills this need of business buyers and owner/sellers with:

  • Twenty years of experience as a business acquisition financing intermediary;

  • Close and continuing connection with the business for salemarketplace through related BizBuyFinancing activities;

  • Firsthand knowledge of the changes affecting both the business sales and business acquisition financing markets;

  • Innovative programs such as the Professional Prequalification service. This is one part of the company's two level approach to serving the business acquisition financing market;

  • Sourcing (the second part) includes analyzing specific business acquisition funding needs, collateral analysis and loan packaging. Clients are then successfully matched with appropriate commercial or private funding sources and with SBA-backed financing or money from commercial lenders;

  • Exclusive representation protocol making the best interests of clients our only responsibility. This eliminates any possibilities of competing loyalties or conflicts of interest;

  • Deal making experience applied to business purchase contract structure. This can determine the success of financing efforts, whether its purchasers seeking business acquisition funds or sellers hoping to "cash out" of carry-back promissory notes;

  • Extensive knowledge of SBA-backed loans--how to achieve loan approvals and how to get the prompt responses needed to win in the fast-moving competition for desirable businesses for sale.

  • For more information about BizBuyFinancing and how to get assistance with business purchase financing please phone Peter Siegel  direct today toll free at 888-983-1632.   
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    - J. Johnson, Seller

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    - M. Petersen, Seller

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    - J. Tourish

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    - W. Burton, Buyer

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    - M. Monahan, Buyer

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    - B&K Boyde, Buyers

    "BizBuyFinancing recently helped me secure a $1.2 million SBA loan for the purchase of this company. Without a doubt, they were instrumental in my succ..."
    - A. Grimalda, Buyers

    "First let me let you know it was a positive feeling of knowing you were in my corner looking out for my interests in the 3 deals we looked at getting ..."
    - S. Mehra, Buyer

    "I wanted to write a quick note and let you know how much I appreciate all your help in finding a lender for my business purchase. Your were attentive ..."
    - D. Denczek, Buyer

    "Great job! My deal/loan was being botched by another lender I had selected who didn't really care and was going to fall through because of their unpro..."
    - Dr. P. Darvas, Buyer

    "Your loan funding Total Pre-Qualification & Guaranteed Loan Program has been an extremely valuable and a value added service. Anything to help qualify..."
    - K. Kramer, Broker

    "I appreciate your prompt response time on being able to contact bank credit managers direct and obtain loan terms so quickly. I know the alternative r..."
    - K. Schmidt, Buyer

    "Yesterday we successfully completed the sale of our business, a hardware store, to buyers from Dublin Ohio. We would like to take this opportunity to ..."
    - G. Duffy, Seller

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