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Business Purchase Financing From BizBuyFinancing

Business Purchase Acquisition Financing Information

BizBuyFinancing has helped thousands of aspiring business owners just like you secure business purchase financing. Before 2007, working with a specialty loan broker like BizBuyFinancing would have been considered a luxury for most buyers.  Now it is an essential step in securing a business purchase loan.

How do you get a loan to buy a business? Work with a specialty loan broker.  We have relationships with lending decision makers that most people do not.  Years ago, buyers would turn to a business sales intermediary for help in financing a business purchase.  While they were not experts in the field, they did “keep a pulse” on who was who among lenders as a part of their job.  They could then tap into these resources when necessary and it worked for the most part.

With the amount of change occurring in the financial services industry knowing who’s who is a full time job.   Lenders are merging, cutting staff and changing their portfolios including applicant requirements, types of businesses they are financing and size of the loans they are awarding, without notice.  This provides challenges to borrowers looking to secure financing to buy a business and intermediaries can’t keep up with the changes.

Many professional intermediaries recognize the need for better relationships with lenders and now send their clients to BizBuy for expert advice in financing a small business purchase.  It is our job to keep tabs on lenders so you know where to go to get a loan to buy an existing business.

What are the benefits of working with a company like BizBuyFinancing?

For more than 20 years, BizBuyFinancing has made it possible for thousands of entrepreneurs involved in the sale of small and mid-market businesses to obtain the funds they've needed to successfully complete their business purchases.

The benefits of working with a specialty loan broker like BizBuyFinancing may include:

* Access to lending decision makers that can approve your loan application

* Better terms and/or rates on your loan

* Knowledge and information about alternative funding options for small business acquisitions

* Better chance of finalizing a deal

* Having an experienced advocate on your team

Why BizBuyFinancing?

We have knowledge of the financial industry, as it pertains to the business sales market.  We have formed relationships with many of the key executives who make funding decisions.  We also have considerable experience in successfully navigating an ever-changing landscape of lender portfolios, standards, underwriting criteria and capabilities. This gives the company access to a wide range of financial products, often at wholesale rates. These rates are then passed along to you.

Unlike most providers of loan brokerage services, we are an exclusive representative of our clients. We make sure each has an advocate on his or her side. There is never a question of preferential service, competing loyalties or conflicts of interest.

Additionally, leading the BizBuyFinancing team is Peter Siegel, MBA, Founder and President of BizBuyFinancing.  He has been assisting business buyers, owner/sellers and intermediaries to obtain business purchase financing since 1990.  His knowledge and experience in the industry is extensive as he has been involved in thousands of business transactions.

A graduate of UCLA School of Business with a Master's Degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Siegel is creator of the ProBuy & ProSell method of buying and selling small businesses. In addition, he is the author of countless articles and six books on buying and selling businesses. He has been interviewed extensively on the topics of buying, selling and financing small business deals by broadcast and print media. Perhaps most importantly, he is also Founder and President of the oldest online resource for business buyers, sellers, and professionals serving the business for sale marketplace.

To secure financing for your next business purchase, call BizBuyFinancing at 1-888-983-1632 and put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

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"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in locating SBA financing for my acquisition of the company I just purchased. You not only ..."
- W. Burton, Buyer

"BizBuyFinancing recently helped me secure a $1.2 million SBA loan for the purchase of this company. Without a doubt, they were instrumental in my succ..."
- A. Grimalda, Buyers

"Before I came to BizBuyFinancing (referral from a business broker) I went to many banks for my gas station purchase and most of them couldn't see the ..."
- Abdul M., Buyer

"I appreciate your prompt response time on being able to contact bank credit managers direct and obtain loan terms so quickly. I know the alternative r..."
- K. Schmidt, Buyer

"We just closed on our new business. Thanks for all your help and guidance throughout the loan process. Our first attempt at getting financing through ..."
- M. Monahan, Buyer

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- K. Kramer, Broker

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